New activity in the Meatpacking District

Very successful traffic calming indeed! If you can believe it, these people are sitting in the middle of a stream of several lanes of traffic. Saturday was not even the warmest of days, but this space still managed to draw people and make them linger. This is the result of work that was started in 2005 with PPS, the Meatpacking Business Improvement District, and the New York City Streets Renaissance. Here's an overview of the initial approachapproach that was then taken up with more community workshops led by RPA, then synthesized into an amenable solution by Sam Schwartz, with parties from all steps participating throughout.


Anonymous said...

chelsea improvement company---one of dan biederman's companies--did the planters, tables+ chairs, umbrellas, trash receptacles, lit street signs, and custom trafic regulation signs--in a quiet and typically effective style. this is a nice project!