The iconic awnings from a French site

A couple weeks ago, on a school night, a friend lured me to CBGBs late to see what she promised would be a HUGE band. Well, the back-up band to a really huge band did show up, but I was happy to go, check out CBs one last time and firmly putting my late-night-music-outings life in the past.

The debate about its landmark status is interesting, mostly because it is fairly unremarkable on the outside, but is chock full with incredible, tangible layers of history on the inside. Everyone recognized the iconic awnings, but other than that, the building is unremarkable. The interior is amazing however. It would spill out of the club if not for the bustle and almost-arrival of the Bowery. The NYTimes notes the richness of CBGBs lavatories (did I just write that?), but the whole club does give you that feeling of entering another period of time. It's a remarkable feeling, actually.

from a Southern Illionis alternative rock station...?

I'm split on whether or not CBs should stay (the Bowery Resident's Committee shouldn't have tried to evict it the way it did, but does it have legitimate reasons to take over space because it wants to expand its programs? if so, negotiate terms BRC and CBs can be happy with), but whatever happens, the interiors should remain intact, which would be an architectural challenge whether it stays or goes.


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