How to maintain walkability on a busy sidewalk

Such a small thing, but it makes a world of difference. It's a little hard to see here: the glass mender (?) was fixing a crack and had his generator hooked up closer to the power source than he could be. He wound the wire around the door frame via the scaffolding. So nice - people can still easily enter and exit the store and your mending will not be interrupted.

It reminded me of this image from this Copenhagenize post.


Play the subway

Conductor: www.mta.me from Alexander Chen.

NYC subway system as an interactive string instrument, here's the artist's explanation of the project.


Silver Spring - parking lot to park to ice skating!

An update on the little space in Silver Spring about which I posted a couple years ago. The folks there just keep on going with programming ideas. Here it is in full winter glory - ice skating! And is that a permanent structure to provide some shelter for the public space? What a beautiful sight.
(Thanks Patee!)