Land Use Survey

Greyfield #4 by Michelle Muldrow

Very excited to check out the new show, Land Use Survey, at Jen Bekman Gallery, opening June 30, running through August 14.

The Real (and Raw) Deal with MTA

Below is one of the best messages I've received recently about upcoming transit cuts. It speaks the truth then gives you ways to express yourself. Of course it is from one of my favorite people. Don't let the press dupe you into thinking that the MTA is at fault for our transit cuts. We have the laziest state politicians who cannot be bothered to think about the 2.7 million daily bus riders in New York City. BTW, do you know that we send a significant chunk of money upstate? And that the state politicians are cutting their contribution to the City's general fund this year?

Plus, having good bus lines isn't about convenience - buses are people's way to jobs, schools, and family. They have a huge impact on people's lives.

Dearly beloved transit riders,

Over recent months, we’ve watched Albany steal over $140 million in dedicated transit funding and the City and State shirk their responsibilities to fund student MetroCards. This, on top of state legislators’ failure to enact congestion pricing or bridge tolls yet and a fiscal crisis that has lowered state revenues, has forced the MTA to institute the most drastic cuts to transit service in a generation. As a Transportation Alternatives supporter, you know that we will not take these cuts sitting down!

This Friday, please join us, other advocates, elected officials and subway and bus riders to mourn the passing of the V and W trains and the M6, M18, M27, M30, B23, B37, B39, B51, B71, B75, B77, Q74, Q75, Q79, Q89, Bx14, Bx25, Barretto Park Pool Shuttle (Bronx), S60 and S67 buses. There are four transit funeral on Friday; please see below for details!

Like other funerals, these won’t just be events to mark the passing of something meaningful in our lives, but they will be a time to celebrate the importance of public transit here in New York City! We will gather together and amass our courage to carry on and prepare for the largest transit rider organizing campaign in the history of Transportation Alternatives! This summer and fall is both the MTA’s budget season and an election season for state office, and we will organize transit riders to make sure that those running to represent them in Albany know that they must stand up and fund our transit system.

In the meantime, I hope you can attend one of these (fun) funerals on Friday to meet other public transit fans and show your support for transit and the necessary funding from Albany, City Hall and Washington to keep it running.

Say hi if you catch me in the crowd and stay tuned for T.A.’s biggest transit rider organizing campaign ever!

I hope to see you at one or more of the below events!


DATE Friday, June 25
TIME 8:30am
SPONSOR Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr.
LOCATION Ditmars Boulevard N/W Station at 31st Street, 22-45 31st Street, Astoria

DATE Friday, June 25
TIME 7:30p
START Times Square Station, near the last car of the Uptown N/Q/R/W
QUEENS MEET-UP 8:15p, Astoria Blvd Station for rally at Columbus Square
END Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, 2919 24th Avenue, between 29th & 31st

DATE Friday, June 25
TIME 10p
SPONSOR http://www.theawl.com/2010/06/come-along-for-the-w-trains-final-ride
START Astoria-Ditmars Blvd. Station
10:17p Ditmars Blvd
10:19p Astoria Blvd
10:20p 30th Avenue
10:21p Broadway
10:23p 36th Avenue
10:25p 39th Avenue
11:02p Union Square back to Astoria
MORE http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=109181082452638

DATE Friday, June 25
TIME 11p-2a
SPONSOR NYCentric/Levy’s Unique New York
START 2nd Avenue subway station, Manhattan
END Forest Hills-71st Avenue station
MORE http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123450697690982&index=1

For inspiration watch the video below. Transit is simply more than transit.